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DEP oil spill

Northeast Sewer & Drain Service has a great working relationship with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP for short) We were called to a home in Arundle Maine for a residential oil spill. When we arrived on sight, it seems that someone had cut the oil lines to the tank and drained them into the positive hole in the basement. Someone noticed it draining into a large wet land area.... DEP was called and they contained the spill, Northeast Sewer & Drain service was called to high pressure jet the positive drain lines for any residual oil. All the oil was...

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Pipeline video inspection and high pressure jetting-Great Diamond Island Maine

High pressure jetting

Great Diamond Island is a gorgeous place in the summer. An island off the coast of Maine that was once a military barracks and fort It has only about 100 year round residents but 2000 summer residents.  The views are amazing, the natural island beauty is spectacular! Northeast Sewer & Drain was asked by R.E. Coleman to inspect a 1000ft of pipe and high pressure jet the lines to clean them out. The first night the guys didn't get back to the main land until after 10pm because the barge was late due to the tide.  The second night Rod Coleman had to go and...

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Broken or clogged sewer line symptoms..

Sometimes when your sewer line breaks you don't notice it for sometime, while others will back up immediately...Either way there are tell tale signs that your sewer has backed-up or is broken. First is there bubbling in the toilet?...And sometimes It really bubbles.  This picture is a simulation it really doesn't foam, it's more like a gurgle Second, the toilet, sink or tub will drain very slowly. If the sink and toilet in only one bathroom are draining slowly then it's probably a clogged interior line not your main sewer line.  If all the drains are draining slowly then it's a main...

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Drain snaking vs. hydro jetting

  As a home owner we all are looking to get the best services at the lowest price. Especially now that many Americans are facing hard times and every penny counts. That's why Northeast Sewer & Drain Service believes that making informed maintenance decisions will not only save you money in the long run but will provide comfort and reassurance too.  Nobody wants the large expense of replacing their main sewer line.  With todays technology Northeast Sewer & Drain Service has many options instead of digging up your entire front yard, and most of the time we don't have to, your clogged main line drain...

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Drain cleaning in Maine

This is busy time of year for Northeast Sewer & Drain in Southern Maine.  Frost is about to set in, camp water lines need to be jetted, septic tanks need to be inspected and any exterior drains that were running slow need to be jetted out before it snows (roots love spring run off). So the phone is ringing off the hook to get these things all done. We were in Millinocket today with our remote Rovver camera televising drainage lines for the old dump. We will be posting video of that here, and on our YouTube channel...Interesting finds I'm sure. Also, root removal for University of Southern Maine Gorham...

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Whats in your drains?

Recently we were called for a service call at a kids camp in Southern Maine. Their drains were running extremely slow and had been for the last year or two and they didn't know quite what was going on? So we televised the line and found out what was restricting the flow. Roots! The Camp had some beautiful old growth trees on the property many of which were on the pipe line leading to the outlet. Once we started to jet, the water flow from the pipe almost knocked our employee off his feet!  The pipe ran for 24 hours...

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