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Pipeline video inspection and high pressure jetting-Great Diamond Island Maine

High pressure jetting

Great Diamond Island is a gorgeous place in the summer. An island off the coast of Maine that was once a military barracks and fort It has only about 100 year round residents but 2000 summer residents.  The views are amazing, the natural island beauty is spectacular! Northeast Sewer & Drain was asked by R.E. Coleman to inspect a 1000ft of pipe and high pressure jet the lines to clean them out. The first night the guys didn't get back to the main land until after 10pm because the barge was late due to the tide.  The second night Rod Coleman had to go and...

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Sewer video inspection,drain camera, pipeline video inspection…Whatever you want to call it

Think about the last time you had a sewer back up, and how frustrating it was to not to be able to see what was causing the problem. This is common with homeowners, but thanks to new technology sewer inspections or video inspections can answer those questions quickly and precisely . Northeast Sewer & Drain Service professionals can perform drain pipe inspections and sewer inspections of your sewer pipes or positive drain pipes and find out what's really going on. These special, waterproof cameras allow for real time visual inspection of underground sewer lines and other drainpipes to determine the condition of the pipe that you wouldn’t otherwise be...

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At the shop….with Captian Americas lawn mower

Most of the guys are doing sewer video work on Great Diamond Island, and as much as I like to take pictures of our work it's very hard to get to the island and the ferry only runs every 2 hours so I thought why not get some pictures of the shop and some of our drain cleaning and sewer inspection equipment?  But I got d0wn there and of course everything is either on the Island or out in the field.... But I got some pictures Lots and lots of pipe, in all different colors, black, green, white..... And the pipe puller, Extra hose...

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Sewer main inspection Victor St Portland

Sewer main inspection and storm drain inspection for Storey Brothers Construction on Victor St in Portland with our Rovver Remote camera.             This was 1000+ feet of new sewer main and a 1000+ feet of new storm drain. New sewer manholes And new water main service Complete street re-hab                                                                      Northeast Sewer & Drain Service on first manhole working their way downstream for sewer main inspection.  They got through 2000 ft plus high pressure jetting to clean out dirt and debris. Duct tile iron for water main Original head stone for catch basin curbing. I wanted to take it home with me...

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Trenchless Technologies

  Pipe patching Northeast Sewer & Drain Service did sewer pipe patching for the City of Portland at the Central Kitchen on Waldron Way in Portland Maine this morning. This is one option of sewer line replacement that Northeast Sewer & Drain Service offers.  We are able to pipe patch from 2" to 24" The interior line was televised and was found to have a connection problem.  The original connection was compromised and would have over time opened up and allowed gravel and sand into sewer pipe clogging it completely.  The City of Portland decided to have the pipe patched now. With our drain camera we...

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Sewer camera inspection for street paving

We have weathered the Blizzard of 2013!  Gorham Maine hit the jackpot of 35.6 inches.  I can attest, that is a lot of snow!  And as I look our my office window to sunny skies, I know another 12" is on the way:( But I know spring is right around the corner. City and towns in and around the Portland Maine area are starting to send out letters about street paving starting in April of 2013.  This mean that once your street is paved you may not open the street back up for 5 years without an enormous fine 5-10...

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