Broken or clogged sewer line symptoms..

Sometimes when your sewer line breaks you don’t notice it for sometime, while others will back up immediately…Either way there are tell tale signs that your sewer has backed-up or is broken.

First is there bubbling in the toilet?…And sometimes It really bubbles.  This picture is a simulation it really doesn’t foam, it’s more like a gurgle

Northeast bubbling toilet (194x259)

Second, the toilet, sink or tub will drain very slowly.

If the sink and toilet in only one bathroom are draining slowly then it’s probably a clogged interior line not your main sewer line.  If all the drains are draining slowly then it’s a main line issue.

Clogged sink (256x192)

Third, water in the basement.  This is a tell tail sign that your main line is backed up or broken.

water in the basement (183x275)

Lastly,  There could be a sink hole in your yard or in the roadway

sink hole in yard (259x194)

Just because your main sewer line is backing up, doesn’t mean you sewer line is broken it could be roots, which is an easy fix with drain snaking or high pressure jetting and yearly drain maintenance

A good drain cleaner will offer to use a drain camera to televise your drain, an added expense but it will show you exactly what the problem with your drain is.

Ask your drain cleaner what they recommend.

And if you sewer line is broken, you have many no dig/trenchless options for repairing a sewer line. See our previous blog for trenchless technologies pipe installation.

~Northeast Sewer & Drain Service