Pipeline video inspection and high pressure jetting-Great Diamond Island Maine

High pressure jetting

Great Diamond Island is a gorgeous place in the summer. An island off the coast of Maine that was once a military barracks and fort It has only about 100 year round residents but 2000 summer residents.  The views are amazing, the natural island beauty is spectacular!

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Northeast Sewer & Drain was asked by R.E. Coleman to inspect a 1000ft of pipe and high pressure jet the lines to clean them out.

The first night the guys didn’t get back to the main land until after 10pm because the barge was late due to the tide.  The second night Rod Coleman had to go and get the them on his personal boat because the barge couldn’t get to  the island….I guess Island life has it’s down falls.

The pipe inspection was limited access, very difficult to get to and the lines had never been inspected.

The video below Is not for the feint of heart, this is an old water line being jetted out…..


We cleaned it out very well…Sometimes being ignorant to what’s in our water line is a good thing…

We then televised the 1000ft 8″ water line, and got it flowing again.

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