Pipe Bursting

If your sewage system has been compromised due to breaks, cracks, offsets or other severe problems, pipe bursting might be the solution for restoring your wastewater system with minimal interruption.

Pipe bursting is a trenchless pipe technology that uses a hydrolic pulling to machine to pull a new pipe through an existing pipe.

After an entry and receiving pit are dug, a specially-engineered device called an expander head is inserted into the failing pipeline. The head bursts the damaged pipe as it moves through the existing pipe and pulls a new HDPE pipe in its place.

Hydro Jetting Portland Maine

Professional pipe bursting can replace ANY kind of damaged pipe, Commercial and Residential:


PVC and other plastics




Cast iron


Orangeburg pipes

Conventionally, replacing old sewer lines could take days, causing you to leave your property. Plus, it’s considerably more expensive. With today’s trenchless technology, jobs can take only hours, and require minimal digging.


Minimal digging

Professional results

Keep your residence or business up and running

Cost-efficient in the short- and long-term

Pipe bursting is so successful and cost-effective that municipalities all over the world have turned to it to complete public sewer systems. Northeast Sewer & Drain Service have been pipe bursting for many years and are one of the best in the business for commercial and residential customers.

Whether your sewer pipes failed because of root infiltration, cracking or just old age, Northeast Sewer & Drain Service can repair them rapidly and less invasively than traditional digging.

Hydro Jetting Portland Maine

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