Sectional Point Repair

This video is of residential point repair Gorham Maine by Northeast Sewer & Drain Service

Northeast Sewer & Drain offers sectional point repair up to 36″ pipe diameter and various length.

In some cases of sewer line repair, entire segments may not need to be cured; when damages are limited to a single point or intrusion, full pipe relining becomes impractical. If your sewer line falls under these conditions, the experts at Northeast Sewer & Drain Service can selectively repair the damaged section in a trenchless process known as sectional point repair.

Following a video pipe inspection, Northeast Sewer & Drain Service can pinpoint the cause of sewer line damage and quickly repair it using this trenchless lining solutions. Sectional point repair can resolve a wide array of localized, single-point sewer line damages, including:

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Isolated puncturing or sewer line cracking


Pipe separation or disconnection


Sewer line joint failure




Root infiltration

Most damage requiring extensive plumbing experience can be repaired with sectional point repair. Just like our other trenchless products, sectional lining is extremely durable and guaranteed to last over 30 years.

Above all else, sectional point repair solutions offer quality, durability and dependability with minimal excavation.

Hydro Jetting Portland Maine

Benefits of epoxy resin point repair:

Silicate resins are ambient-cure resins with a cure time between approx. 1 to 3 hours. Getting your water or sewer service back on line with-in hours not days.

The process bond to all kinds of pipe material, i.e. vitrified clay, plastic, steel and provides a close, tight fit to HDPE pipes.

Excellent performance at extreme temperatures whether hot or cold.

Quick and easy installation for water lines and sewer lines.

No volatile organic compounds (VOC) (styrene-free).

Virtually no shrinkage (< 0.6 %)

The cured resins can be used in critical areas such as airports and tunnels due to their self-extinguishing properties.

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