At the shop….with Captian Americas lawn mower

Most of the guys are doing sewer video work on Great Diamond Island, and as much as I like to take pictures of our work it’s very hard to get to the island and the ferry only runs every 2 hours so I thought why not get some pictures of the shop and some of our drain cleaning and sewer inspection equipment?  But I got d0wn there and of course everything is either on the Island or out in the field….

But I got some pictures

Northeast with Storey Bros 012

Lots and lots of pipe, in all different colors, black, green, white…..


And the pipe puller,


Extra hose for the Jetter


And some extra safety vests, you can never be to safe…


Cable for the pipe puller….


Uhm…..A red, white and blue lawn mower….Sometimes I just don’t dare to ask.

Northeast Sewer & Drain Service