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Whats in your drains?

Recently we were called for a service call at a kids camp in Southern Maine. Their drains were running extremely slow and had been for the last year or two and they didn't know quite what was going on? So we televised the line and found out what was restricting the flow. Roots! The Camp had some beautiful old growth trees on the property many of which were on the pipe line leading to the outlet. Once we started to jet, the water flow from the pipe almost knocked our employee off his feet!  The pipe ran for 24 hours...

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Drain cleaning rules

The office at Northeast Sewer is on a "semi" vacation this week, meaning I have transferred the office phone to my cell phone and am up to camp:) We still have men on call and working this week so if you need drain service, we can still schedule you. So here is a post I have brought out from the archives, still very relevant, sadly. From November 2011 Recently we have had an influx of people call for drain service to fix or complete service from other companies.  So I thought that maybe a list of "drain cleaning" guide lines were...

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