Drains in Maine

With Hurricane Sandy behind us, Maine fared pretty well.  We had a few major drain emergency’s but Mainers took precautions and weathered this storm.

Now with a Nor’easter bearing down on the east coast we are in for more heavy rain:(  Storm drains are at capacity!  Leaves and debris are covering drain grates….


If you see your storm drains collecting debris, please clean them off, this is first prevention for back ups and flooding.

If you you are having drain problems and your basement keeps flooding, I would recommend having your lines televised by a drain camera. This a really inexpensive way to know what’s really going on in your drains.

More often than not it’s roots in your drain pipes, a very common problem.

You can see from this picture how roots can really restrict water flow, causing flooding.  We can remove those roots with special equipment, no chemicals needed.  And your trees and shrubs are safe.

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