The office at Northeast Sewer is on a “semi” vacation this week, meaning I have transferred the office phone to my cell phone and am up to camp:)

We still have men on call and working this week so if you need drain service, we can still schedule you.

So here is a post I have brought out from the archives, still very relevant, sadly.

From November 2011

Recently we have had an influx of people call for drain service to fix or complete service from other companies.  So I thought that maybe a list of “drain cleaning” guide lines were in order to help consumers spot rip off’ or price gouging.

1)  A toilet, sink or tub clog should take less than an hour to un-clog.  If it can’t be fixed within the first 20 minutes something else is going on and the tech needs to tell you.  Especially if they are charging by the hour….

2)  A main line sewer should take no more than an hour to un-clog.  If there is a blockage (the tech will know this pretty quickly) they should recommend having the sewer line televised with a drain camera.  This is an added expense but will let you know exactly what is going on.

3) Ask questions, If there is breakage in your sewer line you will be able to see it clearly.  And always ask the tech to explain things to you if you don’t understand, this is why we are there, and every question should be answered.

4) Root infiltration into your sewer main line is a common thing and is easily remedied with high pressure jetting or with a root cutter, yearly maintenance with root-ex will take care of the problem. Root-ex is not expensive and neither is root cutting.

5) If you do have a broken sewer line, make sure the company is reputable, call your local municipality to find out who the city may recommend and always get a couple of prices. Check the BBB or Angie’s list for ratings or just ask around.

6) Plumbers are not drain cleaners.  Plumbers like to run new plumbing, drain cleaners like to clean the plumbing out.  Northeast Sewer works with many local plumbers for drain cleaning in turn if we get a call that requires a master plumber we turn the call over to them.  It’s drain plumbing harmony in Portland Maine.

Lastly if they are charging you by the hour and it’s taking them hours……You can bet your getting taken advantage of!

~Northeast Sewer & Drain Service





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Thank you, 2 small kids and no toilet is very inconvenient..Thank you for coming right away and fixing it.

– Julie T. 

Justin was courteous and very knowledgeable he worked quickly to get my problem fixed. Making this single mother of three relieved that a clogged toilet wasn’t the end of the world.

– Angela C. 

Thank you Justin for jetting the milk line at my farm in Gorham.

– Walter Young 

Thank you Northeast Sewer for fixing our drain problem with Aceto Construction, our closing went on as scheduled 🙂
Thanks again

– The Bachmans 

I am a first time homeowner and needed a new sewer line installed, heart stopping when I had no knowledge of such things. I called northeast sewer everyday for a week with questions and concerns. They televised my line and showed me exactly where the break was (pretty amazing) I could see it on the screen!! Fixed it in one day!!

– Teran

Justin and Kelly are the owners, and they could not have been better to work with. I had a 120 year old BRICK (yes, brick) sewer line collapse and they diagnosed the problem, involved the city and fixed it for less than I was expecting to pay. I learned that they own and operate their own excavating equipment which means jobs are done more quickly and less expensively than others. I am a raving fan, and have already referred them out.

– Matt Tasker  
Merchant Services

Thank you Ryan and Kelly for your help with my flooded basement. I am deaf and have a hard time communicating sometimes, but Kelly was able to communicate with me through text and e-mail Northeast Sewer figured out my problem and worked late into the night to corrected it, Thank you very much.

– Roseanne C. 
Cape Elizabeth

hired Northeast Sewer to inspect my main line with their sewer camera because our basement kept getting water. We had roots in our line. Northeast removed the roots put us on a yearly maintenance plan and we haven’t had a problem since. Thank you.

– Jeff C. 

I just wanted to compliment your plumber, Justin, who came to our home this evening. He was a professional and absolutely fantastic. He explained everything to us and fixed our problem efficiently and with accuracy. Thank you so much. We will look to you in the future for our sewer and drainage needs.

– Kelly and Beth Hoffman

I’m a widow living on a fixed income, Northeast Sewer & Drain not only charged a reasonable price, but gave me another 10% for being a Senior Citizen, I’ve told all my Senior friends.

– Helen W. (Age 70.) 

Thank you Northeast! We needed help on a Saturday afternoon and you answered your phone, & came quickly. Ryan was courteous & very knowledgeable. He was able to fix our problem very quickly too. You have great service, thanks again! 🙂 We are happy customer! Thank you Northeast Sewer…

– Gail M. 

I want to thank the 2 gentleman who came last Friday morning and fixed my downstairs’ toilet. They knew what they were doing, not like some so-called professionals. They let you know what was going on. Very pleasant people to have working at your house. If I have a similar problem next time, I’m going to call Northeast Sewer & Drain first!

– Ellen P. 

A great big thank you to Justin and Kelly Dearborn from Northeast Sewer & Drain Service for fixing the plumbing issues we had at our house yesterday. Despite Allen Heplers best efforts we needed to call in the professionals! Thanks for getting there so quickly, Justin and fixing our mess! Hey friends call them if you need some plumbing work. They are great!

– Christine Iaconeta Hepler 

Northeast Sewer & Drain replaced my crushed sewer line in one day, I was not inconvenienced at all. Reliable service at a price I could afford. Thanks!

– Bill M.