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Sewer pipe bursting Portland Maine

New sewer line installation by way of trenchless pipe bursting.  By Northeast Sewer & Drain Service with Excavation by Pompeo Sand & Gravel Inc. This pipe replacement was on the "Hill" meaning Munjoy Hill in Portland, and again very deep and a lot of brick sidewalks, narrow streets, old growth trees and very old sewer pipe. The customer was very worried... He had over hauled his 1900's 2 unit and was concerned about the sewer pipe replacement, not knowing really what it was all about.  Like many people they think replacing a main sewer line is easy and inexpensive, and sometimes it can be...But most of the...

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Sewer pipe replacement Portland Maine

Here is a recent sewer pipe replacement done by sewer pipe bursting with Pompeo Sand & Gravel Inc. on Edwards St Portland Maine. These gardens were bigger than the last pipe burst, and just as pretty.  The homeowner was very happy to hear that we could replace sewer pipe by pipe bursting.  This job was a bit harder that the last one. At some point someone had repaired the Orangeburg sewer line at the basement end and poured it in concrete.  After drilling out the wall, (that took 2 hours and a quick coffee break) Justin and crew were able to continue with the repair of the sewer...

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