Cured in Place Pipe Lining-CIPP

CI{PP lining Portland Maine

Residential, Commercial and Municipal-CIPP lining

Trenchless pipe lining is the most sophisticated, cost-effective and efficient method of rehabilitating old or failing sewer pipes. “Trenchless” methods are non-destructive sewer repair methods that do not require digging.

Instead of costly excavation of sewer lines, we use existing access points such as a sewer cleanout or manhole, to reach sewer pipes and repair them from within. It’s an ingenious method of sewer repair now being adopted throughout the world. Trenchless pipe lining can be used for all intact pipe.  

  • Durability
    Lasts for over three decades guaranteed! Whether you’re a homeowner or in charge of county or municipal water and waste, planning for the future is always a boon to your budget and reputation.
  • Affordability
    It is cost-effective in the short- and long-term, requires less manpower (reduced labor overhead) and is impressively sustainable.
  • Eco-Friendliness
    The epoxy resins that compose the pipe liner (the material that relines the old sewer pipe from within) can be formulated for local soils for more environmentally harmonious, clean results.
  • Non-Destructive
    Because we do not have to dig, it means no headaches, no additional expenses due to repair, no interruption to commerce because of detours and less environmental risk from unearthing threatening toxin.

Cutting Edge Technology For Residential, Commercial & Municipal Sewers

Whether you require a small or big job, there’s a trenchless plumbing solution right for your needs. CIPP (cured in place pipe) trenchless methods allow us to work on a large variety of pipe lengths and diameters. Northeast Sewer & Drain can repair sewer lines from a couple of inches in diameter to 15″.

For commercial and municipal sewers, we can work with everything from smaller laterals to city mains. For our municipal sewer repairs, we access sewer pipes through manholes and rehabilitate them underground with minimal equipment and impact. Trenchless jobs can be completed in hours, as opposed to traditional methods’ days, or even weeks!

If your pipe is intact, we may be able to run an epoxy sleeve through and existing pipe.  Making the pipe like new with no disruption to you yard or landscaping.

Watch this informational video by Maxliner the company we use for cured in place pipe lining equipment and products.