Commercial Sewer and Drain Maintenance

Serving Southern Maine

Cities and towns depend on reliable infrastructure systems i.e. sewer and water distribution and disbursement. This is achieved through inspection, maintenance, and upgrades to our aging infrastructures that provides our communities with water, sewer, and storm water removal.

Northeast Sewer & Drain has the experience, equipment, and ability to inspect and maintain commercial, industrial and municipal sewer pipelines, utility duct banks and water piping systems. Our company is supplied with latest and up to date CCTV inspection equipment for internal inspection of these pipe lines up to 72” also, storm drains, water distribution pipelines, utility duct banks, roof leaders and conduit.  We have even video air tubes in drive through at Casco Credit Union to locate air seal breaks.

High pressure jetting

High pressure jetting Portland Maine

High pressure jetting: At 4000psi our jetter can cut and remove roots, grease and other debris.

High pressure jet

High pressure jet

Our Rovver Mainline inspection camera is equipped with wheels, steerable capabilities and boat transporters for optimal inspection of any type or size pipeline. Northeast Sewer & Drain Service has the capability to inspect and locate pipelines from 1” to 72” in diameter.

Rovver remote video inspection camera

Video inspection

Our cameras are 360 degree radial pan/tilt with a 40:1 zoom feature and have built in sonde to allow pinpoint location of pipelines underground.

Pipe Patching: We also offer commercial pipe patching 2” to 24”.  This less invasive form of section pipe repair, along with our video inspection equipment, can pin point the exact location of the break.  The pipe is then re lined with a fiberglass epoxy, eliminating the need for traditional digging, saving time and money.

Pipe patching-Gorham Maine

Pipe patch

Pipe patch for the City of Portland Maine

Pipe patch

Pipe Bursting is another service Northeast Sewer provides.  Eliminates the need for traditional digging to install new sewer pipe.  A smaller pipe is pulled through an existing pipeline and hooked up the existing sewer.   Again, this saves time and money.

New sewer pipe

New sewer pipe

Pipe bursting-Portland Maine

Pipe bursting

Our commercial sewer services and maintenance are:

  • Sewer video inspection
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Spot Pipe Repair (fiberglass re-lining)
  • CIPP lining
  • Pipe bursting
  • High pressure hydro jetting
  • Sewer line location and mapping
  • Utility line location
  • Drain cleaning
  • Commercial snaking and cabling
  • Commercial pipe Bursting

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