Trenchless Pipe Installation And Repair

Northeast Sewer & Drain offers several different option for commercial trenchless sewer repair or (no dig) sewer replacement.

With today’s advances in the sewer equipment industry, we have far more options than even 10 years ago.

10 years ago a new sewer line installation would have to dug with heavy excavation equipment now we have less invasive options like;

Commercial CIPP lining

A process of a sleeve of epoxy is injected into the pipe, left to cure.  Sleeve is then removed for smooth transition.

CIPP lining

Commercial Cipp lining Portland Maine

CIPP lining Portland Maine

CIPP LIning Portland Maine


This video is from our supplier shown on a episode of “This Old House”


Commercial pipe bursting

Commercial pipe bursting is a method of slipping a new HDPE pipe through an existing pipe.  This form of trenchless technology digs a pit in the street and a pit in the basement or pipe exit point to hook into the city sewer.

Commercial pipe burst machiner Portland Maine

Commercial pipe burst machine Portland Maine

HDPE pipe for burst.

HDPE pipe for pipe burst

HDPE pipe for pipe burst

View video of pipe bursting


Commercial spot repair

Pipe patching for the City of Portland

Pipe patch at Central Kitchen for City of Portland Maine

Older commercial buildings most often have their sewer and water lines in the floor.  Northeast Sewer & Drain Service can locate the break and patch just the affected area’s with epoxy resin.  Making repairs quick and easy.

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