Residential Trenchless Pipe Installation & Repair

Northeast Sewer & Drain offers residential trenchless pipe installation to all of Mid and Southern Maine. We offer 3 different no dig sewer replacement services, depending on the sewer line problem.

Spot repair:

Northeast Sewer & Drain service can repair a specific area of a pipe by inserting a bladder with epoxy resin liner.

This does involve minor excavation in the form of a pit to insert the bladder, but your sewer line will be back in working order within hours.

Residential spot repair

Residential spot repair Eliot Maine

Residential Pipe Bursting

Northeast Sewer & Drain Service also has the ability and machinery to slip a new  HDPE pipe through an existing cast iron, PVC, clay tile, or concrete pipe up to 10″.  This is called pipe bursting.


Residential pipe burst Portland Maine

Residential pipe burst Portland Maine

The sewer line to this house ran under the porch, walkway and gardens.  They were not disturbed.

Residential  CIPP lining

This process runs an Epoxy liner right to the main sewer line in the street, no exterior digging. Just a small pit in the basement or the sewer exit point

The pipe is lined with an epoxy resin that the manufacturer warranties for up to 30 years, with only a slight reduction in pipe circumference.

This video show just how easy it is to CIPP line, especially if you have bends or off sets in your sewer pipe.

Call Northeast Sewer & Drain Service today (207) 839-6839 for any questions about commercial trenchless pipe installation or no dig pipe rehabilitation.

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