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Sewer video inspection

It is very important when buying a new home to have a experienced sewer drain inspection. Putting a new sewer line in is The most expensive repair when buying a new home. Sewer video inspection Call Northeast Sewer & Drain Service for all your sewer inspection needs.  Check out our website for a list of all our services www.northeastsewer.com

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Sewer camera inspection for street paving

We have weathered the Blizzard of 2013!  Gorham Maine hit the jackpot of 35.6 inches.  I can attest, that is a lot of snow!  And as I look our my office window to sunny skies, I know another 12" is on the way:( But I know spring is right around the corner. City and towns in and around the Portland Maine area are starting to send out letters about street paving starting in April of 2013.  This mean that once your street is paved you may not open the street back up for 5 years without an enormous fine 5-10...

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