IMG_5720 (350x233)Northeast Sewer & Drain Service’s 2011 Envirosight mainline-remote access camera

Our Envirosight mainline-remote camera is equipped with tracks or wheels, storm/large line steerable, pipe inclination and pipe skid to properly inspect any type or size pipeline you may have. Our team has inspected pipelines from 2″ to 72” in diameter throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Our cameras are 360 degree radial pan and tilt with a 40:1 zoom feature and have built in sonde to allow pinpoint location of pipelines, sewer lines and underground duct banks.IMG_4243

Because our inspection cameras are portable we can go just about anywhere a 4×4 vehicle or off road vehicle can access.


Our commercial, industrial and municipal camera services at Northeast Sewer & Drain include:

  • Sewer line video inspection
  • Roof leader inspections
  • Storm drain video inspection
  • Oil pipeline video inspection
  • Duct bank video inspection
  • Remote access video inspection

Please contact us with any questions regarding pipeline video inspection at or call our office at (207) 839-6839

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