Trenchless Technology

                Sewer pipe repair and replacement

Having your sewer pipes repaired or new sewer pipe replaced is something that eventually has to be done.  With many older homes still using the sewer line installed with the home, many times from the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s, it’s inevitable that they will fail.  And in todays economy people think they can’t afford the cost of replacing sewer lines.

But with trenchless technology it doesn’t have to cost a lot to replace your sewer line.

Pipe patching

Pipe patching So Portland Maine

Pipe patching So Portland Maine

First thing is to have your sewer line televised (cctv).  If there is a break in your line or you need a main sewer line replacement, you now have several sewer line repair options:

If it’s just a small break in the line or slight offset we may be able to reline with Epoxy liner up to 12″ in diameter

Spot repair is a less invasive epoxy patch that can be used to patch certain areas, such as newly paved streets.

If the break is larger or in several different places, we may be able to do pipe bursting sewer replacement  by running a new line through the old line with very little damage done to lawn or driveway.


And there is always the old method of trenching an entire new sewer line.  This is a more costly, but sometimes unavoidable way to install sewer lines.  But even this way can usually be completed in one day with sewer service reconnected within a couple of hours.

sewer installation the old way

Northeast Sewer & Drain Service is able to do all three options quickly and affordably.

Northeast Sewer & Drain Service has 20 years experience installing new sewer lines and replacing old sewer lines, call today for a free estimate (207) 839-638 or email us at