Remote pipeline video inspection camera

 Pipeline video inspection

Pipeline video inspection’ is a form of Close Circuit Televising (CCTV)  used to visually inspect the interiors of sewer pipelines, conduit, duct banks and water lines. A common application is to determine the condition of pipelines residential and commercial, no more guess work.

Older sewer lines of small diameter, typically 3-6-inch  are made by  a number of short 3 feet sections. The pipe segments may be made of cast iron, with 12 feet to 20 feet  sections, but are sometimes made of vitrified clay pipe (VCP) or Orangeburg pipe, a ceramic material in 3, 4 and 6 foot sections. Each iron or clay segment will have an enlargement (or “bell”) on one end to receive the end of the adjacent segment.

With Northeast Sewer & Drains modern video equipment (CCTV) the interior of the pipe can be inspected from 2″-72″ inches in diameter.  This form of non-invasive inspection is done through a small diameter collector pipe, cleanout access or manhole at the end of the pipe run and will be several hundred feet long.

Our CCTV camera’s also give us clear sewer video on DVD or memory stick, and pin point accuracy as to where a break or problem may be.  Making pipeline sewer repair or sewer replacement easier and more precise.

CCTV Inspection Services:

  • Commercial and Municipal Sewer line inspections
  • Sewer lateral inspection
  • Line location and mapping
  • Electrical duct banks
  • Electrical conduit
  • Roof leader inspections
  • Storm water collection piping inspection
  • Water distribution pipeline inspection

We are able to inspect most piping above ground and underground.  For more information please contact us at (207) 839-6839 or on our Contact page.

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