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Commercial Pipe Bursting & Relining Services

This is was a job where we had to cut through trolley lines in Portland to access the sewer line in the process of repair.

Drains and Hurricanes

Drain cleaning certainly picks up when hurricanes arrive in Maine. The already saturated ground, sump pumps and drainage systems cannot keep up with the heavy rain that is sure to plague us in the next 3 days.  City drainage lines take on debris such as leaves and sticks and rushing water has no place to go...And your basement becomes flooded. To avoid this, make sure all catch basins near your house are clear of leaves and trash, make sure sump pumps are in good working order and make sure all positive drain exits are clear of any leaves, slime or trash...

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Drain cleaning in Maine

This is busy time of year for Northeast Sewer & Drain in Southern Maine.  Frost is about to set in, camp water lines need to be jetted, septic tanks need to be inspected and any exterior drains that were running slow need to be jetted out before it snows (roots love spring run off). So the phone is ringing off the hook to get these things all done. We were in Millinocket today with our remote Rovver camera televising drainage lines for the old dump. We will be posting video of that here, and on our YouTube channel...Interesting finds I'm sure. Also, root removal for University of Southern Maine Gorham...

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Whats in your drains?

Recently we were called for a service call at a kids camp in Southern Maine. Their drains were running extremely slow and had been for the last year or two and they didn't know quite what was going on? So we televised the line and found out what was restricting the flow. Roots! The Camp had some beautiful old growth trees on the property many of which were on the pipe line leading to the outlet. Once we started to jet, the water flow from the pipe almost knocked our employee off his feet!  The pipe ran for 24 hours...

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Drain cleaning rules

The office at Northeast Sewer is on a "semi" vacation this week, meaning I have transferred the office phone to my cell phone and am up to camp:) We still have men on call and working this week so if you need drain service, we can still schedule you. So here is a post I have brought out from the archives, still very relevant, sadly. From November 2011 Recently we have had an influx of people call for drain service to fix or complete service from other companies.  So I thought that maybe a list of "drain cleaning" guide lines were...

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Street moritorium in Portland Maine

  Every year the city of Portland Maine sends out notices for street paving.  Why, you ask am I posting this on Northeast Sewer's blog?  Because if your street is selected for paving (which some of you have been waiting 20+ years.....Yeah for you!!) After paving is done your street is under "Moritorium" for 5 years, meaning if you have to dig or open up the street for any reason the permit price has an additional fee usually $5000.00 (that is not a typo) Five thousand dollars!! So before the city tells you this......first: If you know your street is going to be paved, I would...

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Clogged toilets make funny stories

Let's face it, being in the sewer & drain cleaning business is not the most exciting of professions. And it never fails when your at a dinner party and someone says "So what do you do?" My Reply with a big smile on my face is "Oh....I'm in the sewer and drain business" and that's the end of our conversation:) I could write about the benefits of having your sewer lines Televised or Camerad when buying a home (oh wait.....I already did that) or maybe the environmental benefits of High Pressure jetting vs. chemical drain cleaning..............have your eye's glazed over...

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Why use a drain cleaner??

So I asked my husband this question several years ago. "If I had a clogged toilet or main line sewer why wouldn't I call a plumber?" Being a country girl, I knew nothing of main sewer lines, we had outhouses.............................(just kidding) His response: "Most people will call either-or. Plumbers don't have "excavator licenses" so they can't pull a permit to dig in the street for exterior main line sewer excavation. And drain cleaners can't pull interior permits to run new plumbing" The long and the short of it. Drain cleaners clean and maintain all your interior and exterior drains, so...

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Moms should have Master Plumbing Licensing

I personally think all moms should have an honorary Masters Plumbing License. Toilets are my specialty......I wield a pretty mean plunger. I've had it for years, it's like a glove, I don't bother to put it away anymore it sits right next to the toilet ready for service at least once a day. I have snaked, plunged, augured and jetted. Pulled out Lego's, Matchbox cars, toy carpentry equipment and Barbies from every toilet drain in my home. Kids are crafty......they wait. They wait until you've sat down long enough to get through the second page of People Magazine from January...

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Drain inspection before buying a home

Recently a friend of mine purchased a home. A first time home buyer, this was a very exciting time in her life. After a wonderful lunch I ask her if she's had her sewer line inspected? She had no idea what this is, so I explain it to her. A camera is run through the sewer pipe and records any breakages, blockages, root infiltration etc. She asked her broker if she should have it done? He said it's really not necessary but go ahead if it makes you feel better about the purchase. It cost her $250.00........ The camera revealed...

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