Drain cleaning lingo

Drain cleaning can mean different things to different people.  Having owned a drain cleaning service company for the last 7 years I have caught on to it……Almost

Different demo graphics, areas…. that’s the difference.  Someone living in rural Maine will have a septic system and someone living in the city of Portland will be hooked up to the cities main sewer system.

But the catch is, if the person calling used to live in the country and had a septic system and now lives in the city and are on city sewer, it can get really confusing, so I’ve come up with a system, and this may make no sense to anyone but me.

Septic system means country

septic tank

Sewer system mean city

IMG_5208 (350x233)

Now wasn’t that easy?

But there are the people out there that want to try and confuse me….Not intentionally, but they may have moved from Iowa and have totally different drain cleaning lingo.

Regardless of the geography, drain cleaning service is drain cleaning service and the same tools are used.

If your main sewer line in Portland is clogged we snake it.  If you main septic pipe is clogged we snake it. Or roto rooter, or cable the line or when the line is really clogged we high pressure hydro jet.

If your toilet is clogged we auger it or snake it.

If you sink is clogged we auger it or snake it.

Septic systems need to be pumped by a sewer pump truck.  It is then brought to the treatment plant for processing.

Sewer lines are gravity fed to the sewer pump station, they are then pumped to the city sewer that is connected to the treatment plant for processing.

Hope this ramble helped with any confusion you had with drain cleaning.

Next week the confusing differences between plumbers and drain plumbers.

~Northeast Sewer & Drain Service