Northeast VanNortheast Sewer & Drain Service is a family owned and operated Sewer & Drain company specializing in drain maintenance, sewer video inspection,  trenchless pipe installation, pipe patching, point repair, hydro jetting for root removal and drain cleaning.

We work with residential, commercial and municipal customers through out Southern Maine and New England for expert sewer/drain knowledge and service.  We pride ourselves on customer service, always getting the job done right the first time.

“In almost 9 years, I can’t think of one job that Justin has not figured out.”  Says co-owner and wife Kelly

“He has been installing commercial and municipal sewer pipe since he was 16 years old, he knows the installation process of pipe from in the ground to the sewer line in your basement, to the problem area in your home. He knows how and why things clog your drains and with the advancement of sewer camera’s in the last couple of years it is even easier to pin point your problem, no more guessing, you can see it on the screen”

“There have been some late nights and missed Birthday parties, this is how dedicated Justin and our employees are to finding a solution to your problem”

All of our services are listed on the drop down tabs or our web site, please call call us with any questions. (207)839-6839-(207)222-2187 or email at